Welcome to Unreality!

I am You. You are That.

Unreality is both the Truth about Reality, and a community of spritiual seekers. The Buddha describes liberation as the end of Suffering. Eckhart Tolle talks about liberation being in the Now. The Vedas/Upanishads talk of finding liberation in the Self. The Bible says I am that I am.

What is this Self? Finding it, is simply the ability to see for oneself that one is already liberated, for one is not what one thinks one is, but is the Self itself. The illusion that this is not so, is to be broken, that is all, and one can remain as one's true Self...

This online resource is about understanding the nature of this illusion - the Unreality. For when this illusion falls, Reality asserts itself, and Suffering ends, for Being the Self, one is Pure Awareness, eternally blissful!

Let us be, all together now... namaste!

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